Medical Link Services 

Software Technology for healthcare efficiency 


Why we are here

e-health software technology company dedicated for +14 years to increase health care efficiency in hospital and home care environment to better patient clinical outcomes and lessen administrative burden for health care professionals.

But also, less transcription errors, safer data transfer and filing and easy rapid real-time safe data access and sharing by multiple stakeholders.

What problem are we solving

More efficient outpatient treatment and administration processes, nurses do more nursing, doctors more doctoring and patients get better medical service.

More expert medical time automated administration leading to more time for patient and cost savings for payers.

Who are our customers

regional health care services (+10’000 hcps), private home care service organizations 5-5’000 hcps, pharmaceutical companies and medical device innovators (connected smart devices).

Why did they choose us

Ergonomic, fully mobile, and future proof (no software or Apps downloads required – always up-to-date on the same version), real time, safe & compressed & encrypted data and multimedia sharing and storing, also works off line and with 3G or voice input (suitable for developing countries).

Your benefits


Latest mobile and web-based event driven interconnectable software as a SaaS


+14 years, +100 projects, +10’000 users, + 5‘000’000 patient interventions annually


More time for outpatient treatment due to simplifed and automated administration processes


Safe data access, transfer, storage and sharing


Dedicated to better patient’s outcomes in home care environment.

The core expertise is in management, coordination of information, therapy process, patient and hcp activities in home care setting for multiple stakeholders deploying latest mobile and web-based technologies as a SaaS.



various modules for scale up deployment from 5-10’000 healthcare professionals

out-patient management programs

patient compliance / adherance and monitoring


optimal work flows, process optimization, safe and reliable data management

Contact Us


In addition to participating in the leading trade fairs, MLS regularly organizes meetings on specific topics.

Pas d'évènement


Founded in 2005, publisher of the MedLink platform and employing multi-skilled employees, MLS is present in Switzerland with offices in Nyon, Zurich and Sion.

The mission of MLS is to enable health professionals to carry out their work with confidence and responsibility through a simple, structuring system that is available everywhere at all times.

MedLink is a collaborative platform for healthcare professionals in the areas of home care, home hospital, palliative care and transportation of people with disabilities. This platform is open to the patient’s primary network and the eHealth systems in Switzerland.

Trilingual French, German and Italian, MedLink is a platform that structures and coordinates multidisciplinary care and ensures a reliable and relevant exchange of information between the different actors in the patient’s primary network.

MLS offers support, training and support services throughout Switzerland and in the three main national languages.


Our solutions promote the human bond and facilitate the daily life of all care givers.

MLS staff is always available when I need support