Medical Link Services

MLS proposes its Covid-19 Citizen Assessment Program as a part of the pandemic response plan to national and regional health authorities

A self-assessment health check performed by each citizen on a regular basis using a simple online form is a powerful tool to detect outbreaks, quantify affections and measure the efficiency of counter-measures taken earlier.

The centralization of data combined with real-time reporting features provides authorities with valuable and accurate information required to control and adapt the mobilization of means involved in the fight against the pandemic.

Governments need clear information to take critical decisions with confidence, like planning the relaxing of restrictions currently in place.

The Covid-19 Citizen Assessment Program by MLS can contribute to the building of accurate data gathered directly at the source, the population.

The solution is anonymous and respects people’s privacy.

Public Health

The primary care network is characterized by multiple providers and remains mostly fragmented making access complicated for the patient and implementation of public health policies complex.

The public health authorities naturally ensure coordination between the actors in relation to the subsidies granted.

The various actors of the primary network must have simple and pragmatic rules and related processes  to ensure the right service level within an efficient framework.

MedLink is part of this ecosystem with eHealth software for professionals in the areas of hospital and home care, home hospital, palliative care and transportation of people with disabilities. This platform is open on the primary patient network and major eHealth systems in Switzerland.

MedLink is a platform that structures and coordinates multidisciplinary care and ensures a reliable and relevant exchange of information between the various actors of the primary patient network.

MLS also integrates specialized primary systems based on its MedLink platform that meets the needs of all stakeholders in the primary network (assessments, prescriptions, etc.).



The patient can access his/her medical file; health operators can exchange structured data; all pieces of information are useful and reliable.

The coordination within the patient’s primary network is ensured by a cantonal or multi-cantonal framework in which MLS fits with vertical and specialized primary systems