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The primary care network is characterized by the presence of multiple providers and to date remains highly fragmented, making it difficult for patients to access and for public health policies to be implemented.

It is the responsibility of public health authorities to ensure coordination between the actors in the primary care network in relation to the subsidies granted.

As for the different actors in the primary care network, they must have a simple and pragmatic mode of operation to ensure quality services in an efficient framework.

MedLink is a secure and certified web-based platform that structures and coordinates multidisciplinary care and ensures a reliable and relevant exchange of information between the different actors of the primary network. It is part of this ecosystem with e-health software for professionals in the fields of hospital care, home care, hospital at home, palliative care and transportation of disabled people.

MedLink also integrates open specialized primary systems that meet the needs of all primary network actors (assessments, covid-19…).

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, citizens were destitute, few tests were available, many mobile application projects were under study, and none could meet the need in the urgency of the situation.

The Citizen Covid-19 program was designed to fight the epidemic effectively. It allows each citizen residing in Switzerland to self-evaluate himself daily in a very simple and entirely anonymous way. Its objectives are to allow an efficient follow-up of citizens and their relatives, to bring complete data in real time to the authorities for the implementation of adapted and effective measures, to detect new outbreaks of infection and to measure their progression.

It requires only a few seconds of citizens’ time each day to be effective. The information is anonymized and stored in Switzerland. The citizen’s privacy is 100% guaranteed. For an efficient follow-up, the citizen receives an automatic SMS reminder if he does not evaluate himself for more than 48 hours.

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