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Public Health


As the leader in e-health in Switzerland, MLS also collaborates with various organizations in charge of public health programs in other countries.

Ministries, government agencies, large-scale scientific research organizations and major international humanitarian health actors can rely on MLS’ infrastructure to implement their public health programs.

Why national public health organizations choose MLS

The fundamental principle enabling rapid, large-scale, and highly competitive deployments is based on 3 essential elements unique to MedLink:

  • The patient record is shareable in real time, from any connected device (smartphone, tablet, computer) with relevant professionals. The patient becomes the center of a network of interconnected professionals who have access to all the information
    information they need about the patient and communicate together. This real-time collaboration improves the quality of patient care while reducing costs at the national level.
  • The platform is usable by both healthcare professionals and patients, without any special infrastructure. All you need is a browser (Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari, …) on a device connected to
    connected to the internet, even with low bandwidth.
    All professionals who interact with the patient (general practitioners and specialists, nurses, pharmacies, clinics, etc.) can communicate through (Access necessary information, validate processes, add notes, take and share photos, etc.) and benefit from a holistic view of the patient’s situation.
  • The sharing of information is completely secure and personalized according to the choices made by the patient or by the legislation in force. The MedLink platform has been designed to handle millions of daily transactions with
    Swiss security standards.

By leveraging MedlLink, ministry departments can:

  • Deploy public health programs throughout their country, including
    • in hard-to-reach rural areas and areas with low internet bandwidth
    • to populations without sophisticated computer equipment (a smartphone is enough) without investment in hardware, infrastructure or technical equipment (even a low bandwidth internet connection is sufficient)
  • Analyze and monitor in real time the health situation of the country thanks to complete and anonymized statistics, allowing in particular:
    • identify epidemic outbreaks, with detailed mapping
      follow the evolution of the development of particular diseases (chronic, for example) by geographical area or citizen profile 6 – 9
    • compare the response to treatment by population basin, citizen profile, etc.
    • Tailor programs to meet country objectives and constraints
  • With national or regional/cantonal deployment
    • Targeting specific profiles for studies (e.g., for disease prevention)
    • The infrastructure deployed for public health programs also allows data to be recorded over a long period of time, for longitudinal studies on groups of people.

MedLink is a valuable lever for departmental branches to improve their public health programs while reducing costs. The use of MedLink allows departments to accelerate the deployment of their health policies to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 3: Health and Well-Being) more quickly.

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