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A solution for each homecare organisation

65 CHF
Best choice
for startups

Spitex home care organisations starting up their activities can work with a complete system in the form of a starter version. These organizations can then easily upgrade to new versions, avoiding the need to pay for advanced features they don’t need right away.

MedLink Spitex Start is a software solution integrated with the processes necessary to structure and support your company’s activities.

It meets the requirements of health service providers, health authorities and insurance companies.

For a very competitive budget, MLS offers you a complete solution to support your business project.

Your team can quickly focus on customers and can communicate effectively and securely both internally and externally.

MedLink Spitex Start offers all employees easy and secure access to information according to their role and related tasks.

85 CHF
The solution
including planning

Typically, customers with more than 10 employees start with our advanced version which contains the planning. After some time, the majority of our customers move on to our Expert version, which covers needs for optimizing efficiency and communication with third parties.

The Advanced version is intended for organizations that need to plan their staff, communicate with their primary network and automate financial flows.

In addition to the basic modules, the Advanced version enables the activation of the following functionalities:

  • Team and task scheduling
  • Partner network integration
  • Interfaces with electronic invoicing and accounting
  • Export to wage systems

This version can also be used permanently by Spitex organizations that do not foresee growth. It covers all the essential requirements for managing a Spitex.

105 CHF
The full
management solution

The Expert version is used by the vast majority of our customers whose organization and activity are already mature and who wish to optimize their processes and their communication with their partners.

It is the target version for the optimal management of a Spitex and is not imposed on our customers from the start of their activity so that they can adapt their IT management budget to their growth.

The Expert version is very common in Spitex organizations that work with several subsidiaries and several partners and wish to optimize their planning and invoicing process.

Functional scalability is at the heart of our offer, allowing all customers to easily extend their functionalities according to their needs and the evolution of their business.

This version comes with consulting services to ensure maximum return on investment for each new feature activated.

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