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Medical Link Services Partners


Association Spitex privée Suisse

Apex association of private home care organizations.

“Influencing political debates, for example in the areas of care financing, the revision of the KVG/LAMal, the integration of psychiatric care into Spitex, etc., are among the main tasks. Other topics include the creation of a level playing field for Spitex organisations under public law and a systematic media campaign”.

ASD Spitex Verband

Aide et Soins à Domicile ADS

“As an umbrella association for non-profit home care, we are the contact and reference partner for authorities, healthcare professionals and the media. We promote the professionalization of home help and home care services. »



In September 2016, Ofac, the professional cooperative of Swiss pharmacists, announces the acquisition of a minority stake in the capital of Medical Link Services SA, a company active in the field of home care.

This company has developed and marketed the MedLink Spitex software solution, which has become the reference on the Swiss market, and which ensures optimal coordination and management of all processes concerning home care services for the elderly and disabled.

Dr Mario Magada, Ofac’s CEO, recalls that “the development and provision of interprofessional tools and secure data exchange with patient authorization have been at the heart of Ofac’s pharmacists’ cooperative strategy for many years”.

Yann Merenda, Managing Director of Medical Link Services explains that: “after a decade devoted to developing tools to improve the efficiency of home care structures, it is now time to help their employees to work more strongly with their natural partners such as pharmacies, doctors or caregivers”.



“The European Federation for Services to Individuals (EFSI) is the representative body for federations and companies that are involved in the development of personal services in Europe. Its role is to represent the industry and promote the development of this sector throughout Europe.”


Although being a federation directly linked to the European Union, EFSI has accepted Medical Link Services as a member for its know-how in the field and for different projects active in France and Germany in the field of patient compliance.

spitex repot

Spitex Report

The Spitex Report, the main source of information in the field of Spitex and Protected Apartments, is intended for decision-makers in Spitex organisations. This includes managing directors, members of the boards of directors of associations and companies as well as board members and communication managers.


The leading digital information and communication platform in this field in Switzerland. A list of active companies in the Spitex ecosystem.

logo_medidata_ohne_claim_rgb_folgeblatt (003)


MediData – for healthy development in the Swiss health service

MediData is a leading IT service provider with a vision of advocating the healthy development of the Swiss healthcare system and enhancing cooperation between service providers, insurers, cantons and patients thanks to the use of digitised processes.

With the MediData network, we operate the most comprehensive data exchange platform for healthcare professionals in Switzerland aimed at efficiently and securely exchanging medical and administrative data.


Swisscom curaLINE & curaBILL

MedLink offers an electronic invoicing module interfaced with the two main partners in this field in Switzerland.

« Instead of spending time with bills and receivables, you should be able to take care of your patients. With curaBILL, this is exactly what we allow you to do. »


You do not have to spend more time than necessary on sending invoices, reminders and debt collection or payment control. Leave this administrative work to us and use the time you gain for your patients!

die post


MLS and SWISS POST are recognized partners in the area of e-health in Switzerland.

Swiss Post stands for the secure and trustworthy conveyance of information. With Post E-Health, conveyance and access to health information become digital for those involved in the healthcare sector. Working together with Siemens Healthineers as the technology partner, Swiss Post offers a comprehensive service portfolio for networking in the healthcare sector.

MLS and SWISS POST have been collaborating since 2010 on Electronic Patient Record (EPD) projects, particularly in the Canton of Geneva, which was a pioneer in this field.

Since MLS participates with its clients in the Cara project   

CARA provides healthcare providers and the population of Western Switzerland with a secure digital health platform. You will be able to gather your health information thanks to the electronic patient record (EPR) and share this information with the health professionals of your choice. This platform will be accessible from the first half of 2021.

CARA is an initiative of the cantons of Geneva, Valais, Vaud, Fribourg and Jura.

The MedLink 100% Web-based platform, designed for interoperability with third party systems, is at the center of this project in the field of Home Care Organizations.


PwC Abaweb Spitex

Together with our partner, we have developed a tailor-made and comprehensive platform for ambulatory care providers :

MedLink – PwC Abaweb

AbaWeb is the cloud-based Abacus software that simplifies and optimizes collaboration between your company and your AbaWeb provider. With AbaWeb, various Abacus software modules are available by subscription and can be individually combined with each other – according to your needs.

“This will relieve and lighten all Spitex and back-office tasks in your institution, from service entry to electronic invoicing and up to collection”.

PWC & Abaweb

Based on the conviction that the IT environment in which Abacus applications are used is becoming more and more complex and thus also places higher demands on partner companies, Abacus has designed a partner program that is intended to make a significant contribution to the qualification of partner companies.



Together with our partner, we have developed a tailor-made and comprehensive platform for home care providers :

MedLink – Sage 50 & 200

« With Sage 200 Extra Personnel, you reliably cover all recruitment, hiring, compensation, development and departure processes. The software provides all important information for simple and efficient personnel management. »

Sage 200 Extra Care

Specially designed for old people’s homes, Spitex and institutions and therapy centers for people with disabilities

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